Sanding Brushes

Sanding Brushes
For wood- and lacquer sanding, for repelling oil and wax on continuous lines, handcraft and stationary machines.

FS flex fibre brushes with abrasive cloth lamellar fibre and slitted abrasive cloth strips are arranged and sealed in a mold.

VARIO Modular - sanding brush, strips are used for exchange. An expandable plastic body having an insertion slot of prefabricated brush and slip elements is used. The brushes can be arranged individually for the intended use, e.g. a more or less aggressive use, by varying the number of abrasive cloth, different slitting and length. When changed periodically, the grinding performance of some blades is kept approximately constant.

Standard brush body Ø 75 mm, Ø 115 mm and Ø 180 mm for brush diameter 160 - 400 mm, brush for roller length 50 - 1600 mm.

slitted emery cloth supported by brush
3-ply sanding insert supported by brush

3-ply sanding insert

VARIO Leather
for brushing ecological surfaces

VARIO Brush Profilesöö
Typ B11/B15
Support brush strips of 11 mm and 15 mm


For larger machines, we offer a removable end cap to replace the brush strips in the machine without removing the waves.