Polishing Rings

Polishing Rings

Full round or folded polishing rings of cotton and nettle fabrics for buffing, polishing machines, edge banding machines and wrapping lines.
The choice of the material quality and the fold determine the hardness of the rings or rollers and the polishing result. As a rule the rings are used with brilliant pastes or bright lustre pastes

  • Type REX - wave rings with largely qualified firm folds for pre-polishing, edge cleaning, polishing of wax.
Type Rex
  • Type KONSTANT - elastic wave rings with medium folds of 2 or 4 sheets of fabrics, folded up for hand machines, stationary machines, and flexible shaft grinders.


  • Type EFFEKTA -polishing ring with soft folds for bright lustre. The folds of single fabric sheets generate a soft adaptable ring for the polishing of metals and plastics.
  • Special Polishing rings – of natural fibres, sisal fabrics, various impregnations and sizes on demand.
  • SB-Lamellar tools of cotton and nettle fabrics, sanding fleece, Sisal fabrics mixed with kinds of nettle for hand machines and flexible shaft grinders


WOK-Lamellar Wheels for edge cleaning of PP-, ABS-, and PVC – edge banding. Mixed wheel of sisal fabrics, nettle, artificial leather and fleece flaps. WOK-Lamellenscheibe